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Ice Cream Roll
Ice Cream Roll
Ice Cream Roll

Just like in every other discipline, in the culinary world too, there are methods and tools that are used to produce a dish. Just how an Engineer needs a computer for coding, a Chef needs his/her Kitchen Essentials to make food.

If you notice carefully, every kitchen has certain appliances that facilitate any chef or a cook to produce a dish. I remember the period, when I was a Pastry Chef at a luxury hotel’s bakery kitchen. We used to have giant machines to produce big batches of pastries and breads. It was so convenient to knead our dough or aerate our batter in those big machines and increase the quantity of our production, while maintaining the consistency of the final dish or a product. We had Walk-in Refrigerators, Walk-in Inventory closets, Industrial Oven, Proofing Room, Baking Trays and Trollies, Containers, Strainers, Weighing Scale and many such machinery for smooth functioning.

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Ever wondered why you can’t make certain dishes (at home) taste exactly as they do in a restaurant? There is a lot that goes into a restaurant dish, which makes it taste flavourful and authentic. To maintain a certain flavour and quality of any dish there is standardization of recipes and ingredients. However, another factor that works wonderfully well for a restaurant, to reproduce the same quality dish days after days, is when they have the right equipment.

Even at home, I have equipment such as – an Electronic and Hand Whisker and Oven Toaster Griller (OTG). Even tools like – Cutters, Turntable, Nozzels, Piping Bags and Molds that enable me to produce delicious cakes, pastries or breads. These tools are so vital, that even a small tart can’t be made, if I don’t have a tart shell mold with me. Those pretty flowers or swirls (made out of cream) you see on cakes are only possible to make, if we have nozzels and piping bags. Hence, every little tool is paramount when it comes to baking. I remember, I had bought all these tools right after I finished my course at my culinary school, just so that I could practice and work from home. 

Same applies to cooking, as well. Can you make piping hot fluffy Pooris without Kadhai? And no matter whatever trick you apply into making an Idli (steaming it in a cooker or microwave), the dish comes out best from an Idli Maker only. Have you ever observed the roadside Momo Vendors? They all carry Momo steamer with them, to doll out those addictive and juicy little bites. You will always find a wok at every Chinese food eatery or even a humble roadside van. A wok is highly essential in Chinese cooking, as it helps in distributing the heat evenly, ensures that the food lands back into the pan while stir-frying or tossing and requires less consumption of oil.

Idly-Sambhar with a spread of Chutnies

Hence, there is science and logic behind every food and equipment combination, undoubtedly. Some facilitate steaming, some frying and some baking – but, they are all essential into making a dish. In India, we have been making and buying the machinery for our everyday home cooking as well as commercial cooking. In fact, over the years, we have managed to manufacture machines for foreign foods as well.

Chocolate Pancake - Wenger's Deli
Chocolate Waffle – Wenger’s Deli

We now have different machines that can produce French Sorbets, Italian Pizza Cones, Belgium Waffles, Thai Ice Cream Rolls etc. And much to my delight, many of them are designed and manufactured in India. Amongst many such manufacturers, there is one which specializes in Ice Cream Roll Machines or a.k.a Stir-Fried Ice Cream Roll are Hindchef Private Limited.

Ice Cream Rolls became hugely popular, first in Thailand, almost a decade ago. In a city known for its street food, one could easily find Ice Cream Rolls with the street vendors. And later, many South-East Asian countries such as Malaysia, Cambodia and Philippines picked up the trend before it hit the Indian Market. Technically, they aren’t Ice Creams but are Frozen desserts. But the fact that they were easy to make, they became an instant hit in these Tropical Countries.

So, to be able to make Ice Cream Rolls, a machine, which could maintain a temperature of -20 degrees, was required. These machines have a pan on top that has the correct temperature to form a semi solid frozen dessert that can be rolled using a sharp-edged spatula. Pour flavoured milk based liquid on the pan and scrap it, turn it, manipulate it and blend it on the freezing cold pan, until it reaches a thick consistency. Spread the semi solid mixture across on the pan and form a square shape with it. Use a spatula and roll the frozen dessert.

One could add fudgy brownies, crunchy waffles, sweet sprinkles, whipped cream, fresh fruits, jellies, addictive nutella or everyone’s favourite oreo cookies in these rolls and serve it. The possibilities are endless and one could experiment as per their creativity and liking.

The basic principle is to blend jellies, fruits, nuts, chocolates, cookies into a mixture that the flavours mix seamlessly and compliment each other.

However, all of this was possible because there was a machine, which could churn out this frozen dessert. Scientifically, the liquid gets set because of the temperature that only this machine could generate and handle. Try doing that on your regular freezer in your refrigerator at home and you won’t get the same result.

And in case you’re craving for an Ice Cream Roll, go out and explore the market near you. Save yourself from the trouble of making it at home, without having required ingredients and more importantly the correct machinery. So, have your small meal and step out for a big dessert. Make sure you treat yourself with this super yummy, indulgent fun dessert and be grateful that they are readily available in your neighbourhood.


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