Soda Bottle Openerwala | Parsi Food in Delhi NCR

Soda Bottle Openerwala
Soda Bottle Openerwala

If there’s one place in Delhi NCR, which is there on everyone’s wish list its Soda Bottle Opernerwala. If the place is done up differently and the food is good then people in Delhi embrace it and love it. Usually the curry travels from Delhi to Mumbai but this time it has happened the other way round. I am very glad about it. Soda Bottle openerwala is a relief from the sudden attack of Italian eateries in Delhi NCR.

After hearing mostly great reviews about it I was very excited to try this place. I wasn’t surprised to see people waiting outside in the sun waiting for their table (they have a waiting sofa inside the restaurant)

The décor is superbly done up by Mrs Sabina Singh (A.D Singh’s wife). It looks like a very upmarket, quirky, classy and a very cool version of Irani Café’s that you would normally see. From check table clothes to big glass jars of cookies/cakes they have got it bang on. The TV that plays promos of films like Little Zizou also is a great addition. A pool table and the flooring deserve special mention. But what catches your attention is the toy train on the celling that runs though the restaurant.

What works for Soda Bottle Openerwala is that there is no other Irani café in Delhi NCR and the Chef- Manager Anahita Dhondy is Parsi.

Their menu is not vast but has very interesting dishes. I think right now they are familiarizing Delhiites with Parsi flavors. So a Dhansak and Sali boti might get added later on. (Hopefully) Their menu mentions lots of Quirky Parsi traits. The names of the dishes such as Tardeo AC market’s Mamaji grilled sandwich, Dilshad’s Desserts and a few others sound personal and special.

Naturally after hearing so much about the place I went there with a lot of excitement. Mr Rajan (The manager) greeted me nicely and gave us a corner table after few minutes of waiting). He was very sweet to give me Berry cookie and almond cookie while I was leaving. Mr Alok (The Steward) was very well informed and recommended lovely food to me. The service was quick.

I went there with my friend and we ordered:

1)   Sekanjebin (Persian dried plum and mint cooler)


2)   Vada Pav

Vada Pav
Vada Pav


Berry Pulao
Berry Pulao

4)   Sali ka Marghi (Parsi Chicken with Potato Sali Served with a pav)


Salli ka Marghi
Salli ka Marghi

I wanted to have the Lagun Nu Custard but I was full after eating so much. The food was very tasty and a relief from the regular food. I loved the Sekanjebin and Vada pav was melting in my mouth. Berry pulao is their most selling Dish (I saw it on practically every table). They serve their Dishes in aluminium pans and it looks pretty cool.

In all, it’s a very well thought of place. A place either you like or you don’t. The moment you will walk into the restaurant you will forget you are sitting in Delhi NCR.

The bill came up to Rs. 1295 (inclusive of all taxes) the bill holder is very cute and gives funny instructions on “how to pay”.

After I’ve come back I want to name myself Khanakhanewala.

If there’s a place which is buzzing right now its Soda Bottle Openerwala and rightfully so.

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