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I have been in chef whites, played with flour dust and stained my apron with melted chocolate. Life as a Pastry Chef gave me plethora of experience about various aspects of Food & Beverage Industry. Eatstory, however, was born out of a yearning to tell heartfelt stories about my personal culinary experiences and food adventures.

And ever since the blog started, every bit of content on Eatstory – reviews, recipes, travelogues, pictures – has been produced, only through personal visits and efforts. I have strived to write original honest features for my readers, deriving from my understanding of food and workings of the F&B industry.

Through my writings, I want to discover, explore and bring to light, food experiences from all parts of India and the world and help food be recognized as a form of art.

Why partner with eatstory?

Eatstory is all about food, just food. From traveling, finding the origins of a dish, to simply loving its preparation, food is the sole focus of my blog. I explore famous establishments and discover new gems. People seeking recommendations regarding restaurant, travel, recipes or consultancy about food write-ups, frequently flood me with queries. Through my blog, social media, emails and messages, I empower my readers with relevant information and help brands reach out to their appropriate audience.

Want to work with me for creative collaborations, sponsorship or commissioned work?


I am available for Contractual Freelance Food Writing, Consultancy and Content Development. Also, if you wish to collaborate for Photo Stories, Promotions, Event Curation, Social Media Campaigns and Contests, you can get in touch with me at

I help design new campaigns and promote existing ones, so that brands and entities can effectively relay their message and connect with their target audience. As a professional food and travel blogger, I charge blogging fees for the time and effort invested in developing content and it varies depending on the scope, duration and challenges of the project.

Reviewing Restaurant or Food Delivery Service I have reviewed various restaurants across India, some of which have been written in association with brands, hotels and restaurants. The views expressed, however, are always entirely my own, based on my understanding of food, service and other aspects of Food & Beverages (F&B) industry. I never write a feature about any restaurant/ food tech service or pop-up, that I have not experienced personally. I strive to give my readers only honest heartfelt reviews.

EXAMPLES: Threesixtyone, Oberoi Gurgaon | Neung Roi, Radisson Blu | K3, JW Marriott | Leaping Caravan | Amreli, Hotel Diplomat

Travel and Review – One of the major sections on the blog – Travel & Eat, covers food from various cities and states in India. I am currently based in Delhi (India), but you can contact me to write about F&B and hospitality at your homestay, boutique hotel, resort or other properties. I promise, I’ll be a well-behaved guest.

EXAMPLES: The White Peaks | The Judges Court | Taragarh Fort Palace

Are you an awesome homecook?If you have a special dish, that makes everyone go gaga over your cooking skills, I would love to feature you on my blog in the ‘Heartfelt stories’ section. Let me experience the aroma of what’s cooking in your kitchen, because that’s where not just the best food, but also the best stories come from.

EXAMPLES: Suman Aunty’s Pao Bhaji | Vrat ka Khana at Saroj Aunty’s |

Sponsored Post: I love to try new, unique ideas and products. If you feel your product or service matches the sensibilities, utility and the philosophy of my blog, do get in touch with me. I may write for it, if I like your product or idea, however, the right to publish rests with me.

 EXAMPLES: Tupperware | Bagrrys

Together, we can work towards a mutually beneficial collaboration.


Eatstory’s new endeavor, Eatstory Art, offers professional services for Food & Restaurant Photography, Video Content Creation and Food Styling. Contact us for commercial shoots at


We’re open to advertising for a product, service or website, if it fits in with the content, philosophy and ethos of Eatstory. We can discuss the duration, pricing, placement and other terms and conditions via e-mail. You can get in touch with us at



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