Breakfast at Sodabottleopenerwala (Khan Market)

SodaBottle Breakfast - The Spread
SodaBottle Breakfast - The Spread
SodaBottle Breakfast – The Spread

Pop some Poppins and grove to the music of 80’s, while you indulge in a Big (happy) Bawa Breakfast at SodabottleOpenerwala

I am writing after months as I was nursing a stubborn skin allergy that just refused to go. However, moving onto some happier times, I am back and hopefully with a bang (pun intended).

Perhaps, it was the love for Parsi food or a hearty breakfast that I couldn’t hold myself back from going to Sodabottleopenerwala (SBOW), Khan Market. With a slight nip in the air and Gurjas to keep me company, I walked into the eatery starry eyed.

Their newly launched Breakfast Menu, which they cleverly named Big Bawa Breakfast, had a good mix of dishes from Ragi-Oats Pancakes to the quintessential Irani Chai-Bun Maska.

After biting into a soft, buttery, sweet and salty Bun-Muska studded with Tutti Frutti, I went on a trip down the memory lane. Even though, it’s such a Bombay staple, I remember having the same combination in Delhi when I was a kid. My father used to make Bun Muska from Britannia’s sweet buns for breakfast when my mother’s office would start earlier than my Dad’s.

Then something I really wanted to eat – Eggs Kejriwal. It’s a no brainer that over the years (especially after Delhi Chief Minister, Mr. Kejriwal, became popular) it’s become a hugely popular dish. However, the dish has no relation with the man and is named after certain Mr. Devi Prasad Kejriwal. Year ago, he ordered this dish every day at Bombay’s Willingdon Sports Club and they honoured him by naming the dish after him. With sunny side up eggs, cheese, bread, mushrooms and chilies SBOW serves it, just the way he would have liked it. Puncturing the yolks and digging into this creamy delight, I couldn’t hold myself from licking the plate.

This was followed by a super indulgent Goan Poro, an Irani Wrestler’s omelet (made with 4 eggs) stuffed with Goan Chorizo (pork sausages), tomatoes, onions and masala. Accompanied by Hashbrown, sautéed veggies, Cheesy Potatoes, Baked Beans and Buttered Pav, the plate could easily get the tagline – ‘I smell Pork’. The spicy, soft omelet was utterly delicious with a pronounced Pork flavour. I just never wanted the lingering taste to go away. The baked beans were lightly tempered with red chilies powder and butter. The creamy potatoes were fried pieces of potatoes dipped in sauce made with Cheddar cheese, heavy cream and pepper. A plate of this is an entire meal in itself.

And you cannot come out of an eatery that celebrates Bombay street food without having a plate of Bohri Keema Pav. Spicy, juicy and meaty, this Mutton Keema was the perfect culmination to a fantastic morning meal. I squeezed some lime juice on it and bang! – The dish became even more luscious. After a mouthful of crunchy onions, soft pav with masala-laden keema, I was all set to skip lunch and rejoice.

And if like me, you too trip over disco music, just order a glass of Bawi’s Detox (Raspberry Orange and Parsley) or Mixed Berry and Flaxseed smoothie, Sober Sangria and grove to your heart’s content. I swear, if there is one restaurant in Delhi that has ALWAYS made me happy, it’s SBOW. Never have I ever had a dull outing at this Bombay Irani Café.

Amidst the eccentric and eclectic interiors with a zany vibe, SBOW dazzles you with its delectable Parsi food. It’s not only got Bombay’s staple dishes to Delhi, the cafe has time and again, altered and added to the Delhi food culture for good.



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