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Som – Tam Salad - Bangkok Street Food Festival
K3, JW Marriott - Bangkok Street Food Festival
K3, JW Marriott – Bangkok Street Food Festival

My trip to JW Marriott’s K3 for its Bangkok Street Food Festival, conducted by Chef Kung.

As a food blogger I feel lucky that I get to indulge in a variety of cuisines regularly. So, there’s hardly a dull dining out moment and one can’t really complain about that.

However, off late, it had started to feel a little mundane, when all I was getting to eat were adulterated pastas, pizzas or mediocre versions of European cuisine. Also, I had come to realise that I loved Indian food more than ever (even better if it was home cooked).

To cut through the dullness, I started to take interest in Japanese and Korean Cuisines and of course, Thai Cuisine, which I have always been fond of.

But, for the longest time, not many people in India explored Thai Cuisine beyond the Red or Green Curries. I too, wasn’t aware that the street food of Thailand, is possibly the best in the world and how, there’s so much more to the it than just the curries.

Essentially, the beauty of Thai food, lies in the wonderfully delicious amalgamation of nam pla, coconut, chili, kaffir lime, lemongrass, palm sugar, basil, fresh veggies, well-cooked meat and the perfect balance of delicate flavours.

So, when I heard about Bangkok Street Food Festival at K3 in JW Marriott, I made a run for it.

I, along with Gurjas, decided to go there for lunch. As soon as we took our table, we were served Krathong Thong and Thord Mum Pla (Tod Mun Pla). The deep fried crispy cupcake, Krathong Thong, is a popular Thai dish, mainly served as an appetizer. I really enjoyed the mix of veggies, potato, fish and crispy flavour of the cupcake. It was an absolute delight to kick off the meal. However, I was a bit disappointed by Thord Mum Pla (Tod Mun Pla), a deep fried fish cake. The fish was fried too a point where it became chewy and lacked any flavour. The coating was soggy instead of being crunchy. Moreover, the usual dip (made out of sugar, chili, lime, cucumber and vinegar) served along with fish was missing.

But soon enough, the ever-comforting Som – Tam Salad arrived and I felt happy again, gorging on this raw papaya salad. Crunchy and fresh, it was a perfect delight for a summery day. Made with unripe papaya, chili, tomato and peanuts, I could eat an entire bowlful of this. Some delicious Tom-Yum Goong soup followed this. It had the quintessential Thai taste of lemongrass, kaffir lime and perfectly cooked prawns.

I had ordered a specially crafted Cocktail made with Vodka, Tomato Juice, Lime and Lemongrass. It was their Thai version of Bloody Mary, which I quite liked.

For the main course I had Geang Kiee Wan Kai (Chicken in Green Curry), Panang-Tow-Hoo (Tofu in Red Curry) and Pla Neung Manao (Streamed fish in Chili-Lemon Sauce) with Sticky Rice. I’d be honest, I liked the taste of everything and nothing was out of context. However, I still felt underwhelmed. I felt the food tasted good but lacked finesse. The curry of ‘Tofu in red curry’ was too thick and had no playfulness.

I liked Geang Kiee Wan Kai the most, amongst the curries. Spicy and cooked to the right consistency, it had the kick of chilli that I really enjoy. Pla Neung Manao, one of the tastiest and healthiest dishes to eat, was served with the sauce made with lime, chili, palm sugar and fish sauce. It was garnished with cilantro, garlic and lime wedges. I like this dish, however I loved the one served at Neung Roi more. I think the quality of steamed fish was way better and so was the presentation.

They also served Kanom Krok, which was an absolute delight. The coconut-rice pancakes, celebrate the sweet and coconutty flavours in the most noteworthy way. They were sweet and crunchy on the outside. The way Chef Kung, was preparing it, the method reminded me of how they make Paddus at Carnatic Café or Takoyaki at Yum Yum Cha.

And then came the perfect dessert for summers, Thab Thim Grob. I found myself loving the stimulating taste of coconut milk, water chestnut coated in tapioca, strawberry jelly and Jasmine syrup, so much that I had another serving of this refreshing dessert.

Though this was a long elaborate lunch, I never felt bloated or over stuffed and that’s the beauty of Thai food. Especially in this weather, when the mercury is on the rising, this refreshing, healthy and delicious food is all you need to satiate your taste buds.

NOTE: The Bangkok Street Food Festival is happening at K3, till 7 May 16, to know more, contact: 011-33105293

In a nutshell:

Location: Located close to the New Delhi airport, the hotel enjoys huge international clientele.

Atmosphere: Sophisticated, Modern and Luxurious, the ambience of the place is top-notch, like any other five-star property.

Service: Extremely courteous, efficient and a group of staff that never forgets to smile.

Food: All day-dining restaurant, where food is served to you from live counters. You can be rest assured about the quality and taste of food.

Must Haves: Thab Thim Grob, Kanom Krok and Tom-Yum Goong

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