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Chettinad Masala Dosa - Juggernaut Restaurant

Juggernaut Restaurant serving up delicious Dosais and Podi Idlis to Dilliwalas.  

The Pandemic hit us in 2020 and it meant lost opportunities. We couldn’t travel, couldn’t eat out and that meant we couldn’t explore. There was a time in my life, when I would frequently go out, talk to people, explore my own city and gain a perspective. The sheer magic of getting acquainted with Karnataka’s Thatte Idli, Italy’s Panna Cotta, Persia’s Fesenjan, Vitenam’s Thit Nuong La lo, Burmese Shwedagon Khowsuey or Lebanese Cheese Kunafa – in my own city, was purely joyful.

Juggernaut Barakhamba CP
Juggernaut Barakhamba, Connaught Place

However, last two years have been awfully challenging for the world, and I’m no different.
The world shut down and with that so were my opportunities to work and explore.

Time passed by and thankfully, we’re starting to venture out.

So, yesterday, Gurjas and I were driving past Barakhamba Road, near Connaught Place and we spotted this beautiful looking restaurant, from a distance. We took a U-Turn and reached the newly opened Juggernaut restaurant. It was such a unique and pretty looking place, that I couldn’t stop myself from going there.

As soon as we entered, we noticed that the décor was a beautiful blend of Traditional Indian Motifs and Classic Wood Work with Clean Minimalistic Furniture. The big glass windows allowing the natural light to perk up the place and high ceiling with beautiful design was pretty on the eyes. The music was soothing and the aroma of curry leaves and ghee was just the right tease. 

We quickly ordered for Dahi Vadai, Chettinad Masala Dosai, Curry Leaves Podi Idli, Filter Coffee, Zuckerrohr Juice (Ganne Ka Juice). The food was served as soon as we had ordered it, and was gobbled down as soon as it was served.

To be honest, before we spotted Juggernaut, we were contemplating with the idea of going to Sagar Ratna to have Dahi Vada, as I was craving for it. Hence, at Juggernaut, that was the first thing I had ordered. The soft hot Vada dunked in cold sweet Curd with juliennes of Ginger, finely cut Green Chilli and Boondi garnished on top, it was exactly one would love on a hot summer day. It was a beautiful blend of Hot and Cold, Sweet, Salty and Spicy.

Then came the Chettinad Masala Dosai, which was straight out of a dreams. Made in ghee, the dosai had a beautiful aroma of ghee, spicy Chettinad masala and mildly spiced potato filling. It was served with delish Sambhar, luscious Coconut Chutney – Tomato and Peanut Chutney and Chili & Coriander Chutney. The Sambhar had only a hint of sweetness and thick consistency, which is often found in Tamilian Sambhar. The glorious Coconut chutney was actually made with Coconut and not Urad Daal (how most of the Delhi’s South-Indian food joints make it). In Delhi, I have eaten Dosas at my all time favourite Carnatic Cafe and I believed that liking Dosa anywhere else in the city will be difficult. But the Dosai at Juggernaut, reminded me of the tastiest Dosas I have had at Surguru in Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu.

The Curry Leaves Podi Idli was a plate of warm soft mini idlis tossed in flavorful and tasty Karuveppilai Podi and tempered Curry Leaves. What’s not to love? I could happily eat those in a brink and even though, the idlis were served with all the chutnies and Sambhar, I could eat them, just on their own.

The classical music in the background, continued to play as we made a transition from eating food to having our drinks. Gurjas had his favourite Filter Coffee which were served with a slice of a yummy, soft and rich chocolate cake. I had a glass of refreshing Ganne ka Ras, my first in many years.

We wanted to try the Paniyaram, Curry-Appam and Chettinad Aloo Patties etc. as there were many exciting dishes on the menu, however, our hearts and tummies were content. So, I can’t wait to go back.

Gurjas was taking pictures and I was having a look at their display counters. It got me thinking of the days when Gurjas and I were young. This is what we would do. We would often go out, find new places, eat exciting food, meet new people and talk about life. Those days taught us so much about ourselves and what we expect from life.

If I were to write a perfect movie script for us, this day would be a definite feature. It was, as if, God was rewarding us for the two painful years we had to endure. And, I’m grateful for such happy days. 


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