Christmas Banter at The Imperial | New Delhi

Yule Log - The Imperial, New Delhi
Christmas Banter at The Imperial, New Delhi
Christmas Banter at The Imperial, New Delhi

Looking for ideas to celebrate Christmas? The answer lies in Christmas banter at The Imperial, a spread featuring all that goes into making the festival.

In the midst of workload and slight boredom, a little early Christmas celebration came like a breath of fresh air. I wasn’t expecting much indulgence till Christmas, however, I found myself gorging on a wonderful festival spread at the Imperial, with minced pie, spiced pumpkin cake, strudel and stollen.

The al fresco seating of San Gimignano, decorated beautifully with magnificent looking Christmas tree, ornaments, garlands and lights, looked nothing short of a spectacle! And the fun-filled afternoon became even more cheerful, as soon as the Christmas carols started.

It was wonderful to meet Mr. Vijay Wanchoo, Ms. Ruchi Jain and Ms Aparupa Ganguly, who had put together this wonderful event together. However, the star of the show was Chef Prem Kumar Pogakula, Executive Sous chef, The Imperial New Delhi. He and his team of chefs created an exquisite Christmas spread with artful treats like Christmas stolen, Traditional Plum Cake, Leak and Chicken pie, Ratatouille Tartlets, Mint and Cucumber sandwiches, Hummus and Olive in Pita, Tuna sandwich, Chicken Sliders, Macaroons, Yule log, Black forest pasty, Red velvet pastries, Ginger & Pumpkin cake, Lemon loaf, Apple strudel and Christmas pudding with brandy sauce.

On most part, I loved everything from the spread, but my favourites were of course the Plum Cake, Apple Strudel, Ginger & Pumpkin cake, Hummus & Olive Pita and Ratatouille Tartlets. There’s nothing that spells Christmas more than the scent of Cinnamon, Caramel and Brandy. I found a heavy dose of all of them, in all the traditional desserts and I couldn’t be happier.

Followed by a live cooking session by Chef Prem, we also learnt how to make mug cakes with chocolate, peanut butter and coffee flavours. The cook off had a dramatic end when a spoon full of hot brandy was set on fire, poured all over the Baked Alaska, a dessert consisting of Ice cream, Cake and Meringue.

Baked Alaska - The Imperial , New Delhi
Baked Alaska – The Imperial , New Delhi

And just when I thought that it was the last leg of the event, Secret Santa walked in with goodie bags. Spreading the Christmas cheer, he handed over a Ginger Bread house, a miniature of La Baguette, the pastry shop (decorated in the shape as the Ginger Bread house) at the Hotel.

Feeling warm and fuzzy with all the love, my friend and I walked back to the hotel lobby, to find the most stunning Christmas tree! I was told, that a couple from France visits the Hotel every year and decorates the hotel, which is known for its opulence. I was blown away by the details that had gone into the decoration. The projection of moving snowflakes on the rooftop was nothing short of magnificence. I felt completely mesmerized by the hard work the team had put in only to make our Christmas ever so special!

I truly feel that every festival is about making each other happy and letting people know that you care. Likewise that’s the spirit of Christmas – the spirit to warm your heart. Everyone at The Imperial, made me feel like that.

NOTE: The Christmas spread at The Christmas Banter is available at La Baguette, till end of December 2015. To know more, contact: 41116630.


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