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Busan Korean Restaurant
Busan Korean Restaurant
Busan Korean Restaurant

Discover the flavours of Korean food at Busan Korean Restaurant, it’s affordable, authentic and adventurous. A hidden gem in Majnu Ka Tila, one of the fastest growing food destinations in Delhi.

Want to take a break from Chinese, Italian, Fast Food or Butter Chicken? Get ready to have the traditional flavours of Korean food.

After having visited Neung Roi, I didn’t want to break the momentum of exploring different flavours. However, unfortunately my visit to Imly wasn’t extraordinary. So when I recently visited Busan Korean Restaurant at Majnu Ka Tila, I kept my excitement level neutral.

As I entered the restaurant, I was pleasantly surprised by the beautiful interiors. The bright natural light, the muted colours and traditional Korean seating was simple, yet beautiful. I was very excited, as it’s rare to find such comfortable seating in restaurants these days. However, the vast range of dishes in the menu baffled me, especially when half the food was unknown to me. Luckily to my rescue, the service girl came helped me in placing my order. We ordered:

  •  Jjamppong Sujebi (Seafood soup, noodles, savoury soup, vegetables)
  •  Kimchi Mandu Jim (Pork Momo {Steamed})
  •  Yachae Kimbap (Korean Sushi)

As I was waiting for my food, I looked outside the window at the huge empty space. I thought to myself, that the space could be used in so many productive ways, if only, it was in our capacity to turn it around. Sangpo, the owner-manager, had indeed tried to beautify the little space that he could, by putting few planters in his balcony.

Soon an array of bowls arrived on our table. The bowls were filled with 5 different condiments (served before every meal), Kimchi Salad, Spicy Pork, Chicken and Gourd, Grilled Eggplant, Pickled – Fermented Radish.  I was so excited to try the Kimchi Salad as I just wanted to see how different it would be from the ones I have always had at multi cuisine eateries. This Kimchi was spicy, and pungent, one of the nicer ones I’ve had. However, the Spicy Pork was the star of the spread. Tender, juicy and spicy, the pork was cooked with spices that were familiar to Indian Palette.

The chicken and gourd and eggplant were a bit disappointing, as there was hardly any chicken and it seemed like the eggplant had been boiled and served without any seasoning.

Then came Yachae Kimbap. It looked like Korean Sushi, made with sticky rice, vegetables and seaweed and served with soy. The punchy flavour of soy and seaweed was really good, as I liked the saltiness, spiciness and the freshness of it.

This is usually a vegetarian dish so those of you who love their meat, may want to stick to their salmon sushi.

Then arrived a huge bowl of Jjamppong Sujebi, bringing along a sea of aroma. The soup in the bowl had a strong flavour of shrimps, while prawns gave it a distinct crustacean aroma. Cooked to perfection along with vegetables and noodles it was hearty and wholesome. Although, I wasn’t sure whether I liked this dish or not, but as I had the big, soft and well-cooked chunks of prawns, I knew I loved it.

Well to be honest, I can never get enough of Chicken Momos. However I cannot stop myself from experimenting with the dish with different fillings (still won’t try paneer or soya momos). To my delight, Kimchi Mandu Jim, the pork momos turned out to be special. Mixed with minced Kimchi, these were spicy, sour and bitter all at the same time. I liked these momos and I enjoyed eating them along with the garlic sauce.

Even though my stomach was full, I regret not having the signature Korean dish Bibimbap. Mixed rice served with slices of meat, fresh vegetables, raw egg, soy sauce and fermented soyabean paste. This dish is served hot and actually prepared live at your table!

When it comes to Korean food, Gung – The Palace at Green Park and Gurgaon, is known to be the go-to place in Delhi. However, when your bill comes up just around Rs 660, you get a tad bit more excited to eat as its affordable but just as delicious. 

I promised myself, that I’ll come back to Busan Korean, to try some more of their delicious food. Also to meet the super stylish, a little weird (in a good way) and seemingly chilled out girl, who happens to be the only service staff there. She was really helpful and friendly while recommending dishes to me. Off late, I have realised that there’s so much food that I need to explore and I couldn’t feel happier to take my baby steps towards this journey.


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