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Hi! I’m Neeru.

I have been in chef whites, played with flour dust and dirtied my apron with melted chocolate. Life as a Pastry Chef, made me fall in love with many aspects of Food & Beverage Industry. However, I wasn’t born with a dream of becoming a Pastry Chef.

I had made it to India’s premier film school, Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute (SRFTI) in Kolkata, when I was just 20. With a yearning to tell stories, I moved from Delhi to Kolkata. But, life is what when you’re busy making other plans. After spending 4 years there, I realised that this wasn’t my true calling, that though I did love watching movies, the process of making them didn’t excite me anymore.

Dealing with depression, I struggled to be passionate about anything. It was hard to for me to accept that I had failed. Eating out became my only antidote for depression. In fact, when my doctor advised me to write about ONE good thing every day, I mostly ended up writing about ‘food’.

Food, actually, had always been my perennial love.

Owing to my father’s transferable job, I grew up in various parts of India. So, inspite of being a Punjabi, my palate wasn’t limited to just Butter Chicken, Dal Makhni and Naan. I embraced each land, with equal fervour and unknowingly the food from each place became a part of my memories.

So, when I started writing about food, it reignited the yearning to learn something new. I realised, I wanted to specialise in a ‘technical craft’ like baking, which would provide me some tangible skills.

I enrolled myself in a culinary school and a year later, I found myself working at The Westin, Gurgaon, in the Bakery Kitchen. I trained under the best Chefs in the industry. I later joined The Bread factory (German Bakery) at Ethiopian Cultural Centre, Delhi.

As my self-belief came back, I felt like sharing my personal stories about baking and food explorations. That’s when Eatstory, my blog, came into being.

And since Eatstory’s inception, I have savoured a lot of great food, baked a lot of good food (sometimes bad), travelled to many places, met new people, worked really hard and in the middle of all this, grown as a person. I believe, meeting people who are passionate about their food gives me a high, that’s extremely difficult to put in words.

Also, I have made sure, I don’t write about any restaurant or a hotel, which I have not experienced personally and this will never change for me. Through my writings, I want to personally explore, discover and bring to light, food experiences from all parts of India and the world and help food be recognized as a form of art.

From working with Vir Sanghvi, one of the most profilic food writers in India, to making it to ‘The Best Food Blogs of Delhi’, the commitment to original and engaging content has paid off. Apart from writing for my blog, I now write for various online publications and provide Food consultancy to restaurants and brands.

In the last few years, I have seen a teeny-tiny bit of the world and have cherished everything I saw, ate and lived. I am still always on the look out for finding quaint little eateries wherever I go. From cubbyholes in a walled city to an eatery in the mountains, I go wherever food takes me. And I really believe, my failure has done me good by making me realise my love for food.

I may have not become a film maker, but I would never stop telling stories.

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